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I had the pleasure of working with Sonia as my tax advisor and I can confidently say that she provided exceptional service. From the moment I contacted her, Sonia was highly responsive, professional, and knowledgeable.
She was patient with me throughout the entire tax filing process and took the time to explain everything in detail, ensuring that I understood each step of the process. Sonia’s attention to detail and expertise in tax law made me feel confident that my taxes were being handled accurately and efficiently.
I highly recommend Sonia as a tax advisor. She is an outstanding professional who goes above and beyond for her clients. Thank you, Sonia, for your excellent service!
- Mehdi Jangjou

Legal Roadmap & Sonia were so helpful in giving timely advice on issues I needed clarity on regarding tax and employment. Sonia was quick to respond and really heard my situation, researching similar cases and sharing lots of helpful articles to ensure I was armed with as much information as possible. Being relatively new to the Netherlands it was great to have Sonia’s help on the matter!” 
Thank you again Sonia, it is much appreciated! Will likely be in touch again with help filing my taxes if that’s ok! 
- Elyse Gallacher

Legal Roadmap / Sonia has been very helpful to assist us with our tax return application under very little notice! Through their flexibility and very good preparation, we received promptly the list of information needed to get started. Once the draft was ready, we were asked to review the draft application before it could be finalised to double-check everything was correct. Sonia from Legal Roadmap was extremely flexible and helpful throughout the whole process, and importantly very responsive to emails and calls whenever needed. We will definitely continue using Sonia’s service and recommend Legal Roadmap to anyone looking for support with their tax return application.

- David Maussang-Detaille

Sonia is professional, really helpful and supportive.

In my case, it was filing an Income tax return after the deadline and Sonia has handled it very nicely.

She took it on priority, collected required documents and filed the application for me and my wife in no time. And that too after working hours when she had planned vacation starting on the next day.

I highly recommend her service to my colleagues and friends.

- Sandip Patel

Sonia was amazing from start to finish. Extremely warm and a great professional, Sonia listed everything she needed to have from me so I could gather the documents in the most efficient way. Super responsive, she gave me the confidence that my tax declaration would be filled correctly which can be hard for a non-dutch speaking living abroad for the first time. Would recommend her services to everyone in need of help with taxes. 

- Cláudia Silva

The communication with Sonia has been really smooth and professional. She helped to answer all our questions and process our tax filing with such ease. Thank you, Sonia. I will highly recommend their service

- Megha Malviya

I am very much satisfied with your assistance for my tax filing. My recommendation would be Legal Roadmap if anyone is looking for professional financial / legal assistance.

- Nitin Upadhyay

I contacted Sonia based on the recommendation of a friend who had also availed similar service. I must say that it was a good decision as she was able to request the information and explained the process very clearly. She was able to also help whenever I had questions and also asked the right questions when she saw differences. In the end, she took away all the complexities and made it easy. Thank you once again! 

- Radhika Wagle

I availed the services of the Legal Roadmap to help me file my taxes for the first time in the Netherlands. Sonia from the Legal Roadmap was very kind to call me and explain my situation. She was very welcoming and guided me in the process. She quickly filed the taxes, and the entire process was very smooth. I definitely recommend Legal Roadmap and its services and wish them all the best.

- Ankit Shukla

Sonia was helpful and friendly, and was able to do a review of my tax filing in a timely manner to ensure it is compliant.

- Mehrdad Persian

Wrapping your head around tax returns in a new country as an expat is challenging, but Sonia made the whole process super simple and understandable. As a bonus she is also very helpful and friendly in general – I can strongly recommend!

- Simon Riisnæs Dagfinrud

I have been associated with Legal Road Map organisation since 2012 and have got the best legal guidance and consultation for my business.
Mrs. Sonia Bagga, the founder of Legal Road Map have have also helped me to know the dutch society culture and have coached me to speak and understand Dutch Language better.
Thank you and Mrs. Sonia Bagga for all your kind support.

- Siju John M P

We had smooth and hassle-free tax filing with Sonia’s help. Her clear communication ensured that the entire process was quick, and when we had queries, she responded patiently with insightful responses. If you’re looking for someone to handle your tax filing, we highly recommend Legal Roadmap.

- Kartick Vivian Richard Srinivas

Ik ken Sonia al jaren. Ik heb namelijk een rechtsvak bij haar gevolgd en was toen haar heel erg onder de indruk. Zij is heel geduldig en kan heel goed uitleggen. Ook na een aantal jaren toen ik haar om advies heb gevraagd. Ze heeft mij erg goed geadviseerd waardoor ik de juiste stappen heb kunnen zetten. Kortom, als cliënt bij Sonia ben je bij het goede adres en wordt je erg goed geholpen. Ik raad haar zeer zeker aan!

- Neha Sharma

Sonia at Legal Roadmap was so great to work with – she is efficient, friendly and excellent at communicating. I would definitely work with her again

- Liv Siddall

Sonia is a friendly, helpful and professional person.She helped mefiling my tax returns and cleared all the doubts I had” Highlyrecommend her!

- Ruchita Kulkarni

I had the opportunity to get Sonia’s help in my first Dutch Incometax return process. I found her to be well-networked, articulate,proactive and prompt in her engagements. She wasknowledgeable about the whole process. She is bound to besuccessful in life. I wish her all success in life!!

- Raghav Dwivedi

I highly recommend Sonia Bagga for tax return related services.The response to queries was prompt and she also took out timeto explain the filled tax return step-by-step.

- Mayank Jain

Sonia is very friendly and professional person. She has beenhelping me and my wife with our tax filing for last 5 years. I woulddefinitely recommend her.

- Himanshu Pant

Sonia has always been incredibly helpful with everything I haveneeded assistance with. However, what sets Sonia apart is heraffectionate attitude to communication, attention to minutiae ofthe task at hand, and an affable outlook that makes working withher a joy. I would highly recommend her services to everyone.

- Bipin Upadhyay

Ik heb de colleges van Sonia als prettig ervaren. Zo kon ik na de colleges gelijk herkennen op welke wijze ik te maken had met gezondheidsrecht. Dankzij Sonia haar colleges en enthousiaste wijze van lesgeven ben ik mij verder gaan ontwikkelen als kwaliteitsverbeteraar in de VVT. Zo kon ik met de informatie die ik kreeg al gauw een kwaliteitsverbeterslag maken in de organisatie waar ik werkte. Sonia dankzij jou vind ik gezondheidsrecht zo interessant en boeiend, je bracht het beeldend tot leven, dat kan ik toch niet vergeten 🙂 en ik weet wel zeker dat mede dankzij jou ik doe wat ik nu doe als. Heel erg bedankt!

- Danielle Bakbrood

Sonia is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with for getting all my taxation relation solutions and advisory services. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help when needed and does her research very well before providing the right financial and legal advice.
Her expertise on Dutch tax rules and legal know how is considerable and her contributions have been really valuable to me. I highly recommend Sonia as a Legal and Tax expert and always prefer to collaborate with her every year.

- Mudit Dar

I highly recommend Legal Roadmap services. Sonia was very helpful and supportive since from the first contact. The response time is fast with assertive guidance and information. Especially for expats having this assurance is very important when navigating uncharted territories such as a new account system.
- Talita Lemes

De reden waarom ik bij Roadmap to Success privéles heb genomen is omdat ik behoefte had om:

1.     Extra ondersteuning bij het vak ‘Nederlands’ te krijgen;

2.     Hoe ik overtuigende presentaties kan geven (waaronder PowerPoint presentaties) en

3.     Hoe ik kan werken aan mijn studievaardigheden (waaronder plannen, SMART leerdoelen opstellen, leren/oefenen bij toetsen en het maken van samenvattingen).

Ik bedank Roadmap to Success voor alle steun en begeleiding die ik tijdens de privélessen heb gekregen. Ik heb echt het gevoel gehad dat ik met deze stappen vooruit ben gaan. Daarnaast hielp de mate van ‘strengheid’ goed om kritisch naar mijn eigen verslagen en stukken te kijken! Ik kreeg feedback op al mijn verslagen, portfolio’s en presentaties, waardoor ik veel van heb geleerd. Overigens heb ik aangeven dat ik voor volgend studiejaar door wil gaan met de privélessen omdat ik dit nodig heb en door de begeleiding meer leer en begrijp.”

- H. Yoshi – student MBO niveau 3 (Zorg & Welzijn – Pedagogisch Werk)

My experience with Sonia was very pleasant, she is friendly and cheerful and takes her time to listen and explain everything and tries her best to help you achieve your objectives.

Best regards,

- Sevda Malek Kani

I took the help of legal roadmap for filing taxes for 3 years now. Sonia is very friendly and reachable. she explains all the processes clearly so that we are not left in the dark throughout the filing process. She is very quick in responding and usually gives a call when things are not explainable via mail/text. She is also upfront about all the processes and also the prices. I would definitely recommend legal roadmap for the services it offers.


I found Legal Roadmap services efficient and smooth for filing Tax return as it was first time for my family in Netherlands. If you follow all the instructions and if you have all the required documents for filing then Legal Roadmap takes care of everything. You can rely on their services.

- Sameer Patil

I highly recommend Sonia for her skills and services that are provided under “Legal Roadmap”, I had to file my ITR for 2021, and it was the last working day before the deadline. I reached out to her, and she responded immediately which was really helpful. Furthermore, I got my  ITR filled in a few minutes. It was a hassle-free experience. 

Note: Most of the lawyers refused due to last minute requests but she extended and helped.

Very friendly conversation, also she is a polyglot, which means she can help you with your own comfortable language(mostly). I really appreciate her efforts and dedication.

- Rahul Ranjan

Sonia helped me to file my income tax twice and It was a great experience. She is easy to reach and can answer all your queries . I will definitely recommend her as a person not only for filling tax but other services she offers.
- Abhishek Tiwari

Great professional services from Sonia. Right from the initial consultation call to my second year of Income Tax filing, her services have been top notch. She clearly understands the needs of  expats like and guides us through the process. Very approachable and you can expect quick response and turn around times..
- Vinay Disley

Hey all. I contacted Legal Road maps as per my friend’s reference for my expat advice. I happened to talk with them and they were very good in their advice. Their service was through a direct call unlike all other tax consultations which are usually through mails. The service of Legal Roadmap was quick and to the point. It really helped me on what I really need to do. I would really recoomend the service of Legal Roadmaps for all the expats as they are really good and supportive.

Thanks a lot for your help and advice.

- Karthik Arvind

I was new to The Netherlands and had no understanding of the Tax system. Sonia literally handheld me and has since managed my portfolio. She is always reachable, keen to help and goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are supported well. Thank you Sonia 🙂
- Sheetal Choraria

I was really impressed by their good quality and highly responsive service
- Raj Goswami

Sonia is very professional, I have asked for the tax return 2020 she look my form and support me in filling the assessment form.
Her services not only help fill the assessment on time but also she told me to get rectified with certain things that require attention.
good work thanks.
- Sourabh Jain

The service I received from Legal Roadmap exceeded my expectations. As someone who had never interacted with the Dutch tax system before, I found them to be extremely knowledgeable, patient, and friendly, There’ll be no doubt in my mind when it comes to recommending them to colleagues and friends.

- Stephan Kiernan

I highly recommend Sonia in case you are looking for any legal advice not just limiting to tax returns (which is her core expertise). She is very professional, proactive, and extremely helpful. Her positive attitude, expertise, and well-networked profile make you feel very comfortable as you know you are in safe hands! I wish her all the success in life!

- Ir. Jossy Thomas Jose

Dear Members, for any Notary / Legal related stuff, pleasecontact @Sonia Bagga. She will help you in any regards of yourrequirements.

- Vijaybabbu Nannkonda

I highly recommend Sonia for the taxation services. I contacted Sonia based on the recommendation from a friend and I must say it was a good call. Sonia patiently explained all the complexities involved in a very lucid and simple manner. Furthermore she made it easy with a step-wise approach, completing the process in a short time. She has a good knowledge and is a subject matter expert.

- Prakhar Goel

I recommend Sonia in case you need some help regarding tax-related issues (e.g. tax return). Given her knowledge and experience, I only had to provide her with the minimum information which saved my time. Apart from her domain expertise, it is worth noting that he was always willing to help me which made me trust her.

- Gee Yeol Nahm

Sonia has been helping me out with my tax assessments and it is a pleasure to take a moment to appreciate her work. She goes beyond what is required to help you out and makes sure you understand the process. She is also very clear with the requirements for filling such paperwork which really helps as you can check it off a straight list! She is also very friendly which makes you feel comfortable when working with her- highly recommended!

- Shreya Singh

I have known Sonia professionally for the past 7 years now. She has been helping me with taxation and advisory. Apart from being a very thorough professional, she is very helpful and extremely reliable. She is always up to date with the new regulations and is a great person to seek advice from. I would highly recommend her for any dutch tax and legal matters.

- Sudhanshu Saxena

Sonia is highly professional and knowledgeable person I rely onwhen it comes to taxation and relevant issues. She is helping meout since 2013 and I am absolutely happy with her support. Ihighly recommend Sonia to anyone who need help in sorting outDutch taxation matters or need support.

- Dr. Girish Kedar (PhD)

It’s rare that you come across a person like Sonia. I had the pleasure of meeting Sonia through one of my friends while I was thinking about approaching a tax adviser for filling tax returns. She is friendly, motivated and intelligent tax consultant who has exceptional knowledge in her field. She is also social and has good knowledge in English and Dutch. I strongly recommend Sonia in case you are struggling with tax related matters in the Netherlands

- Bala Manickavelu

“This year is my first year I have to fill taxes in the Netherlands and Sonia was a great help. For someone that doesn’t work with taxes, her explanation is super clear and understandable. I feel relieved to now have everything as should be. Thank you, Sonia!”

- Renata Pereira

Sonia is quite knowledgeable and professional. She helped me to review my tax filings and gave a good explanation to all my questions. I am happy with her support and service. Thanks Sonia and good luck 🙂

- Prarthana Metrani

I had several questions related to VAT and Tax filings initially as me and my wife working in the Netherlands. I met Sonia and then everything went smooth. Very professional service and we get reminders from her. To keep it simple Sonia takes all responsibilities and we just sit back relax and give the details to Sonia and ofcourse pay a fee.

- Delhi Kumar

Sonia is always a pleasure. She has helped me out multiple times with my accounts and tax. As a non Dutch speaker it’s often scary to try and ensure you do everything correctly when you don’t understand it fully. Sonia takes away all the stress and goes above and beyond to help out as well as answers any questions no matter how big or small.

She makes it personal and is so friendly. I would highly recommend to anyone!

- Lizzie Ttoffali

I had a very good experience and a great service from Sonia. She is quick, precise and most importantly available on short notice and able to deliver service on priority basis based on government deadline. I highly recommend her.

- Jibran Patel

I was really impressed with Sonia, and Legal Roadmap generally. They were quick, professional, and thorough. I emailed them on a Friday evening, just before an important deadline, and my issue was resolved by Monday. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who would like additional support on their tax return. I will definitely be using them again! 

- Iona Hendry

Extremely kind and helpful with my tax return filing. Would definitely recommend her services”
I have received a letter from the Belastingdienst yet. I will let you know when I get it.

- Mustapha Faroudi

I had very smooth  tax filing with Sonia’s help. I needed to file IT return for my wife and myself & with mortgage,fiscal partner ,Immigration complexities it seemed very difficult but  Her clear communication ensured that the entire process was easy to understand and follow.She was very patient and helpful. If you’re looking for someone to help with tax filing, I surely recommend Legal Roadmap.

- Nirav Kumar

Sonia has helped me in tax filings since 2013 and I always had an excellent outcome. Every individual’s scenario is different and so is mine. The complexity changed as the time passed by however, because of thorough knowledge of Dutch taxation system Sonia always dealt with my taxation issues smartly. Not only that, she is also good at advising things which in the long term are beneficial. Her friendly nature and easy to communicate attitude makes every conversation an insightful one. So I highly recommend Sonia’s services and wish her the best. 

- Girish Kedar

Sonia was of great help in filing my tax returns from 2016 until 2020. She has exhibited excellent professionalism in her work and also has been very humane in nature throughout the entire process. She patiently listens to all your questions and answers them without frowning. She’s super cooperative and I’d definitely recommend her if you want a smooth, hassle free and successful tax return.

- Sahasra Priya

Sonia is a friendly, helpful and professional person.She helped me filing my tax returns quickly and cleared all the doubts I had” Highly recommend her!

- Khushi K

Filing the tax return in NL for the first time, so decided to take assistance from LRM. Happy with the service and quick response. Ms. Sonia is very professional and helpful, she spends time to understand the situation and proceed accordingly. Definitely 5 stars for the smooth experience, I recommend!

- Vinoth

Sonia give me some extra lessons for Social security and Contract law. I must say she is just an excellent teacher / professional/ mentor. She had deep knowledge of the topics and a lot of patience too. Not just lessons, but she also motivated me for my preparation and how the steps should be planned etc.
I am highly thankful to Sonia. She is a wonderful human being I came across in my life. More and more success to her.

- Shikha Jain

Sonia is the right choice for expats as she can speak multiplelanguages. She is very professional and polite, She has expertisein her domain and I recommend her services.

- Puneet Kumar

Sonia is a very experienced tax consultant whom you can trust completely. She has handled my case patiently and giving me right advice based on my situation. Her ability to communicate in different language gives her extra edge in order to explain the complexity of the tax forms. During the whole process of filing my tax return in Netherlands, she was very prompt in her response and she explained all my queries patiently and made sure by following up with tax department that documents has indeed reached and processing has started.. I wish Sonia very best in her future endeavors and bring her many success with all her hardwork!

- Anurag Gautam

Ik heb Sonia leren kennen als een gedreven en betrokken docent voor collega maar zeker studenten. Door haar manier van werken en het verbinden van de praktijk met haar lesstof werd zij binnen onze samenwerking terecht ‘talent van het jaar’ door nominatie van studenten. Binnen haar comfortzone -het opzetten van een nieuwe opleiding recht- liet Sonia als getalenteerd onderwijsmedewerker nóg meer van haar veelzijdigheid zien. Rollen als leidinggevende, onderwijsontwikkelaar, praktijkcoördinatie en verantwoordelijke voor kwaliteit, Sonia pakt het aan binnen haar succesvolle formule van ‘contact en kwaliteit’. Ze weet op unieke wijze te inspireren, ontwikkelen en vertalen. Sonia behoud hierin gevoel voor de omgeving, maar laat zich niet beïnvloeden door de (bekende) hectiek van het onderwijs.

- Patricia Spoor-Heger

I always hesitate to take any legal services, for my taxation queries I approached LRM and I’m so happy and satisfied with the services and help I get. Ms. Sonia from LRM handled my queries and she is so professional and good listener she always understand my queries and make sure explain them as well until it’s not clear. I have to say her determination and sincerity towards clients is amazing, I asked for the help on the last day of  tax filing and she sit till late night to make sure it done on time, also she not only filed for me but also help me to understand each and every steps she also found there is some refund that has being wrong calculated, she fixed that and because of that I manage to get a good refund on my taxation. I highly recommend LRM for the services! don’t hesitate just contact them and they will take care of rest.

- Jay Dee

Sonia ken ik nu enkele jaren en wel van onze samenwerking binnen Windesheim Flevoland (WHF). Sonia had bij haar aantreden bij WHF al veel ervaring opgedaan als docent bij Hogeschool Inholland en startte bij ons bij de opleiding Maatschappelijk Werk en Dienstverlening. Met diverse kartrekkers, waaronder Sonia hebben we deze opleiding op een later moment omgevormd tot de opleiding Social Work. Sonia was daarnaast ook actief en intensief betrokken bij de ontwikkeling van Blended Learning modules/onderwijs. De interesse voor juridische zaken vanwege de achtergrond van Sonia zorgde ervoor dat wij samen hebben gekeken naar de mogelijkheden voor het ontwikkelen en opstarten van de opleiding HBO Rechten binnen Flevoland. Inmiddels zijn we een paar jaar verder en draait de opleiding onder leiding van Sonia goed en is er veel interesse voor bij studenten. Sonia ken ik als persoon die hartelijk is; oprecht betrokken; hard kan werken en altijd een glimlach op haar snoet heeft! Sonia is kritisch op de kwaliteit van het werk wat ze aflevert, kan goede dialogen voeren en helpt waar ze kan. Al met al een heel fijn mens om mee samen te werken!!
- Diana Kwast-Hoekstra

MScN.RN. Voormalig Clustermanager Welzijn en Gezondheid Windesheim Flevoland, Almere 2012-2018

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