About us

Legal Roadmap is a legal consultancy agency with a focus on the legal services to individuals and entrepreneurs.

Legal Roadmap is a legal consultancy agency with a focus on the legal services to individuals and entrepreneurs. The most important value for us is that our advice and practical solutions are satisfying for our clients. Our specialization focuses on different jurisdictions. Beside legal advice, we also provide services to take care of your tax declarations and we offer several legal workshops (Roadmap to Success) focused on specialized fields of law. We also specialize in Dutch language training/lessons for those who don’t master the language yet. 

The law is constantly changing and justice provides new perceptions. Legal advisors are in general more specialized on a particular jurisdiction. The difference with a lawyer is that the legal adviser is focused on specialized advisory within their jurisdiction. However, a lawyer is required for lawsuits worth EUR 25.000 or more. 

Our clients are the most important value of Legal Roadmap. Not only your current situation is important for us, but also the consideration of the consequences of decisions for you in the future.

In a nutshell: well-considered, capable and reliable. 

You can contact Legal Roadmap when: 
• You need advice or help with setting up a letter with a legal note;
• You have a legal problem in which you need legal advice before or instead of going to a lawyer (because your case might not be ready to go to a lawyer yet); 
• You want to manage your own affairs but on the other hand you would like to receive advice from a legal professional (for example with setting the strategy for your case or advise about your contract about the non-competition clause).

The most important value for us is that our advice and practical solutions are satisfying for our clients. Do you need legal assistance? Do you want a reliable advice? Contact us today. Besides our advice, we will also support you in the legal process. 

Request for professional help from Legal Roadmap means: 
• Avoid extra problems; 
• Having complete certainty that your problems will be solved; 
• Professional Service; 
• Insights in the costs; 
• Support, advice and finding the right solution for you! 

Don’t wait too long to deal with your problem, request for professional help on time!

Contact us

Legal Roadmap believes that legal assistance should be accessible to everyone. That is why you can always come to us for a free consultation (max. 30 min). Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

We will create a concept advice on the next steps and legal possibilities and if needed we will discuss this with you. The first contact (max. 30 min) is always free.

Legal Roadmap delivers customized advice and attempt to inform you about the costs upfront. The costs are based on the action to be taken for your situation. Every situation is different, therefore we don’t work with fixed rates. Before we start working we will make a clear price agreement with you. 

You can expect a service which is transparent, honest and independent from Legal Roadmap. 

Legal Roadmap and Roadmap to Success
Email: info@legalroadmap.nl
Tel: +31 (0)6 49 65 99 95
Languages spoken: Dutch, English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

About Sonia

Complex and constant changing laws and regulations dominate our society. The need for legal advice grows. Legal Roadmap has professional knowledge and experience for the growing need in the market. The founder of Legal Roadmap and Roadmap to Success, Sonia Bagga (LL.M.) has a degree for the Netherlands Law from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She gained her experience from her work environment where she advised, informed and provided other services. The areas where she focuses her services on are related to primary conditions of existence, social security and living. Some clients miss the expertise to undertake the right actions on the right time. As a legal advisor she support the client to help them take the right actions. Besides legal advice and tax fillings she also gives training and workshops to entrepreneurs about health law, privacy, how to start your own business related topics (ZZP, freelancing, start-ups) and other topics in the legal and HRM field. She also gives Dutch language classes (Dutch for beginners and Inburgering classes) to (Indian) expats.

Next to legal advisor, Sonia is a lecturer in Law and Human Resource Management and provides study career guidance at an University of applied sciences. In 2014 she received the Best talent for teaching. She also gave her first TEDx talk in the Netherlands (Almere) in 2016. “There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on you own thinking.” She gave several talks and inspire others how to live with greater courage, balance, love, joy and abundance.
In 2019 she received the IDEAH award for ‘Best inspiring woman’ – Entrepreneur award.

“What a great honor!

An inspiration to grow in unity – IDEAH, Indo Dutch Entrepreneurs Association in Holland, presented and honored me for the ‘Best Inspiring Woman’ IDEAH Entrepreneurs Award 2018-2019 at a gala event at Amsterdam. Astonished and very happy at the same time as they said my name as ‘Best inspiring Woman’. At that time I realized that I am blessed and proud. There is a much larger group than me, and close people who know me, who believe in me for whom I am, my abilities, capabilities and qualities. Thank you for believing in me in whom I am, what I do, what I believe and where I stand for! 

“Every day, you have the power to choose”.