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Welkom in Nederland! Are you eager to learn Dutch and do you want to improve your Dutch? 

Roadmap to Success provides affordable (online) Dutch learning course, mainly for Indian expats. Do you like to learn Dutch with an Indian touch? The lessons are in Dutch, where we combine it with English and Hindi guidance. 

Roadmap to Success offers lessons at different levels. Start your course now with a native, passioneted and dedicated Indian-Dutch teacher. We at, Roadmap to Success believe that learning Dutch is driven by passion, dedication, theory and practice. You will practice fluency and work on your pronunciation. Our groups have a maximum of 4 students. You will get an personal approach and making it an extra efficient and fun way to study. The classes are online and  gives you the benefits of learning in a group as well as the advantage of personal attention when needed. We have evening baches. 

Full courses are 12 weeks and a Crash course is 6 weeks, depending on the level.

All the course requires commitment, ownship, dedication and motivation. Make sure if you are able to invest the required hours of self study and amount of work you put in the course. It all depends on how fast you learn.

We also offer private/guidance lessons for different sections
(grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and knowledge of Dutch society):

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NOTE (!)

1. Billing made in advance

2. Holiday periods and free days are already included in the rates;

3. We will start with an personal intake call/meeting prior to the guidance for the dutch course (small interview, written test). Your level and target level will be determined.

Send us a message when you want to enroll for the courses 

Please note: if the lessons is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or the student doesn’t show for whatever reason, no refund is give. See ‘Algemene voorwaarden 2022’. 

Course: ‘Learning Basic Dutch for Beginners’

In our ‘Learning Basic Dutch’ online classes for beginners we focus on conversation, grammar and connection in daily Dutch life. As you will have a basic knowledge of Dutch and the Dutch culture you will feel more at home in The Netherlands. The course ‘Learning Basic Dutch for Beginners’ is for everyone who does not speak Dutch yet.

Course: ‘Inburgering’ – Civic Integration

The purpose of this course is to learn the Dutch language as well as other aspects of Dutch culture and society. The inburgerings exams are organized by the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO). The Inburgerings examen is designed to ensure migrants to the Netherlands have a basic understanding of the Dutch language and culture. There are five sections with questions concerning Dutch laws and customs. In our inburgerings classes we focus on grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and knowledge of Dutch society (Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij). This course is for everyone who has A1+/A2 level. You are able to understand simply written and spoken texts and can speak and write in simple sentences. In this course you will practise the five parts of the exam; reading, listening, writing, speaking and KNM. In our lessons you will do test exams and we will teach grammar to speak and write correct sentences.

Most immigrants to the Netherlands from outside the EU have to pass their Inburgerings examen (civic integration exams) in order to get a Dutch resident permit or to apply for Dutch citizenship.

Course Aim. At the end of this course you will be able to read, write, speak and understand the language independently and communicate effectively.
Focus is to clear all the exams within the course and the aim is to clear the exams in first attempt.

You will do test exams and learn about the exam themes. 

Crash Courses (focused on conversation and grammar)

Learn Dutch fast in one month! Our Crash courses are 3 hours per week on 2 evenings/weekend of 1.5 hour (depends on the planning) and require more motivation and investment of time. Individuel guidance give you the benefits of learning with a professional teacher as well as the advantage of personal attention when needed. This course is intensive and covers reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Note (!) Inburgering in the future 

Civic Integration Act 2021

Starting on 1 January 2022, a new law will apply to civic integration (Civic Integration Act 2021). Read more about this law on the Government of the Netherlands’ website.

Language requirement level A2 remains unchanged

The Dutch government is planning to increase the language requirement for the application of a permit ‘humanitarian non-temporary’ and ‘permanent stay’, as well as applications for naturalisation, from level A2 to level B1. However, the change in language requirement to level B1 will probably not occur in 2022. Therefore, until further notice, the language requirement will remain level A2 in 2023.

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