Expat services

In general, you may need to file a Dutch tax return for any year
in which you lived or worked in the Netherlands for any part of the year.


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Need help with your Dutch personal income tax return?

  • Did you receive an invitation from the Dutch tax authorities to file your Dutch income tax return?
  • Did you arrive in the Netherlands sometime during the year?
  • Did you leave the Netherlands sometime during the year?
  • Do you have a principal residence in the Netherlands?

If one of the above situations applies, we recommend you to file a tax return. Legal Roadmap can assist you with the preparation and filing of your Dutch personal income tax.

Highly skilled migrant (expat)

If you are working or living as a highly skilled migrant (expat) you are liable to pay Dutch tax. In your case, it is certainly worthwhile to check the tax refund possibilities, because highly skilled migrant often have tax refund possibilities. Even if you have not received an invitation to submit a tax return, it is important to have your tax situation checked by a  tax advisor to ensure you don’t miss any refund opportunities while filing your tax return. 

The regular tax form is a P-form. In immigration or emigration situations however, an  M-form has to be filed. This is a quite extensive tax return form which needs to be submitted on paper.

Dutch tax benefits: deductions/ spouse tax credit (see www.belastingdienst.nl for more information).

The Dutch Tax System has a number of benefits. When you own a house, the rent on your mortgage is deductible in your tax return, meaning that you don’t have to pay taxes over this amount and you will receive a tax refund.

Other Dutch tax return deductions are for example:

  • Educational costs;
  • Charitable giving;
  • Non-compensated health costs.

If you – as working highly skilled migrant – have a husband or wife who doesn’t work, he or she can be entitled to the ‘spouse tax credit‘. This refund can be as much as EUR 661 (2019), EUR 542 (2020) and EUR 379 (2021).

Please note that if your partner lives abroad the whole year, then he/she is not entitled to this tax refund. He or she is then not considered as a tax partner or qualifying non-resident tax payer.

Because of the complexity of the Dutch Tax System and its rules, it is very advisable to let a tax expert check your taxes and file your tax returns. 

We charge different fees to file a tax return (depends on your situation):

Do you need more or specific information?

Please contact us and we are happy to help!

Checklist info for Dutch personal income tax return

General information

✓ Copy of valid ID and authorization code DigiD Code
✓ Tax authorities notice to file a return (if issued)
✓ Copy of your 30%ruling
✓ Initials and dates of birth of your children living with you

Fiscal data

✓ Copy of the previous year tax return (unless we helped you filing this)
✓ Preliminary tax assessment for the tax year
✓ Immigration date: if you entered or left the Netherlands in the tax year: exactdate of (de-)registration with municipality upon entering or leaving

Salary and other income

✓ Year statement (‘jaaropgave’)
✓ Overview income and expenses (e.g. freelance work)
✓ Overview alimony received (if any)
✓ Overview premiums paid for disability insurance oradditional retirement plans

If you have total savings/investments

✓ Annual overview of bank accounts in the Netherlands and abroad
✓ Annual overview of stocks, bonds and other securities
✓ Overview of any other assets, claims
✓ Overview of loans and debts
✓ Overview or policies ‘kapitaalverzekeringen’
✓ (WOZ-)value of property located in or outside of the Netherlands, not being yourmain residence

If you own a house

✓ WOZ-value-statement from themunicipality
✓ Annual overview mortgage interestpayments
✓ Overview other debt interest payments relating to your house
✓ Overview land lease payments (‘erfpacht’)(if applicable)

If you bought of sold a house

✓ Notary invoice/statement
✓ Invoices from realtors/
✓ Overview mortgage bank
✓ Overview expenses relating to homeimprovement
✓ Statement ‘eigen woningreserve’ (if applicable)

Tax-deductible expenses

✓ Overview of healthcare expenses notcovered by medical insurance, e.g. dentist, medication, etc.
✓ Overview of educational expenses you paid yourself, e.g. tuition fees, books, etc.
✓ Overview of alimony paid
✓ Overview of donations to charities

Please note: if you have a fiscal partner, we will also need this information above for him or her.